Goldnines International Co., Ltd. began its roots in year 2005 at the heart of Binondo, Manila, where it opened its very first MICHAELA Boutique located in Juan Luna Street. The undertaking in the well known bustling district proved to be prosperous and fruitful to the company. MICHAELA and ABkD Brand has since then been diversified as a well known brand of bags in the Philippines, expanding its operations towards Visayas and Mindanao regions.Year 2010 inspired a new addition to the group of brands, AYLA Bags. Positioned as the premium product line, it targets sophisticated, class and adventurous group of consumers. AYLA Bags are being marketed and sold exclusively at SM Department Stores.


Ascend as a well known brand for women’s bag that rival major local brands competing in the same product category and sales channels within the Asian market.


Provide quality bags to meet the high demands of today’s fashion and lifestyle image of the up and coming class of consumer.



Immense detail is given priority to meet the quality material and durability suitable for the MICHAELA handbags, footwear,apparels and umbrellas. Designed with a classic and professional tone, the brand combines style and trend for today’s modern individuals.

 Product cost vary accordingly with the three different brands. AYLA and MICHAELA, given the design, quality, and image, are positioned as Goldnines’ Premium Brand. ABkD Bags as casual pre-teen to teen bags are priced modestly among the three.

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