Sandaya Yakiniku is an upscale Japanese restaurant that has been offering high grade yakiniku for more than fourteen (14) years. Though mostly known for its premium yakiniku, Sandaya also offers a wide range of delectable Japanese dishes, from sushi, sashimi to tempura and hotpot.
Sandaya Yakiniku caters to food lovers of all ages. Whether it's for a family dinner for your seventh birthday, a BBQ night for you and friends, a celebration for your promotion or just want to feast with the best people in your life, Sandaya Yakiniku will not disappoint. There is always something for you in Sandaya Yakiniku, because "Great stories begin when you light up the grill - that is the Sandaya Promise."
Sandaya Yakiniku - Fisher Mall is being operated by Fredley Food and Beverages, Inc.

Other Information
Opened : October 22, 2014
Location : 3rd Floor
Hours : 10AM- 9PM
Phone : (02) 287-8984