As the Philippines started to rebuild from the ruins of World War II, thefour Ting brothers sought to start afresh and establish their livelihood.By 1950, they put up a panciteria in the busy district of quiapo. As theirPanciteria drew in the customers mainly for the lomi, the brothers saw thisopportunity to introduce other dishes. Thus the ìSavory Fried Chickenîwas created and also the gravy that became so popular with the localChinese community and Filipinos as well. People came to this restaurantto enjoy this unique tasting fried chicken or as a take home treat for thewhole family to share. After much success of their little panciteria, they finally opened a biggerrestaurant called Savory Luncheonette in Escolta. The menu soonExpanded to include other classic Chinese and Filipino dishes thatcontinued to satisfy their many loyal patrons. And so the Savory traditionWas born. After more than fifty years, the third generation Ting family re-LaunchedThe Classic Savory Restaurant in 2007 and expanded its reach byopening its branches in mall outlets for more people to enjoy. Now, afterbeing introduced to the Savory fried chicken, the younger generationshave discovered why it has endured the test of time. The Classic Savory experience evokes a feeling of nostalgia in a modernset-up. Now with more than 70 branches nationwide, we hope to continueto make Classic Savory chicken a part of your tradition many more yearsto come.
CHICKEN - Your timeless Favorite. Tender and Juicy
LOMI - Hearty thick noodle soup with vegetables, seafood and meat -- truly a Savory Favorite

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